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Sandstone Productions will began to offer free web video commercials for nonprofit groups.  Our goal is to do at least 6 over the next year.  These will be fully produced videos with the same attention to shooting and editing as paid projects. I usually have some down time in between projects.  Besides catching up on paper work and marketing this time is usually filled with test shoots.  These little projects are used to test new equipment, try new ideas, or just for practice and continued learning.  Most of the time nobody ever sees the finished videos.  I’m still spending the same amount of time on them as a paid job, so I thought why not do them with an organization that could use them?


So what’s the catch?  There isn’t one really, but there are some conditions outlined at the end of this article.  The intention is to provide a high quality video for cause-worthy nonprofits at zero cost to them.

So what do I get out of it?  Practice, Promotion, and Marketing.  It will provide the chance to try out new approaches or techniques which I wouldn’t be able to do on paid jobs.  I also get projects to post about on social media or write about here as well as content to post on the Sandstone Productions YouTube channel.   

To request a free web video just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., put “Free video nonprofits” in the heading and provide a link to the nonprofit’s website.  Now for the conditions:


* Finished video will be between thirty and sixty seconds.


* Videos will be structured to avoid outside expenses such as professional narrators, actors, or additional crew and equipment beyond what Sandstone Productions provides.


* Sandstone Productions will present a concept for the commercial.  Both Sandstone and the nonprofit must sign off on an agreed concept before Sandstone will commit to producing the video.


* Scheduling and turn-around time will have to be flexible to fit around paid work but once a video is committed to it will be finished as promptly as possible.  


* Not all nonprofits that request a video will be chosen.  Projects will be selected based on a variety of factors that would make it a good match for Sandstone Productions including our scheduling availability, nonprofit location, and organization size.  The purpose is to focus on local organizations that may not have the resources to have a video made.


* Final video will be hosted on Sandstone Productions’ YouTube channel.  The nonprofit organization will receive via electronic file transfer a HD video file of the video to do with as they wish including uploading it to their YouTube channel, other social media sites, or website.  They may also embed the video from Sandstone’s YouTube channel on their sites.


So that’s about it.  This is something new we are trying and are excited to see how it comes out.  If you have any feedback or questions let us know.

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