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“Wow!  I didn’t know you were bringing so much equipment!”  If I had a dime for every time I heard that when we arrived for a shoot I’d be rich!   Even though we let clients know during preplanning that we will have at least a cart full of equipment, they really don’t understand what that means until we arrive.  


 Equipment Loaded

Loaded with the minimum we bring on a shoot - Good for a basic talking head.


I think the impression a lot of people have these days is that cameras are just so good now that all you need is the camera, a tripod, and maybe one small LED light.  And while in a lot of cases that will get you decent video, we don’t settle for decent.  Sandstone Productions is all about getting you Awesome video.  And part of getting awesome is having the lighting, audio, camera, and grip equipment to help us achieve that.  That’s why we will put up with the hassle of lugging our setup through downtown Chicago parking garages, hauling it up stairs where there is no elevator, unloading everything to get through a revolving door just to load it up again on the other side, and having to work around it in tight locations.

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